Hands-on trainings


Workshop on Transmission Electron Microscopy

By the BIC. December 8th

23 November 2020

Cajal course : Optogenetics, chemogenetics and biosensors for cellular and circuit neuroscience

March 8 to 28, 2021. Application before November 23, 2020

1 November 2020

Cajal online lecture series: Single Cell Transcriptomics

Online Zoom Webinars / November 2nd to 6th

14 October 2020

Mini-workshop: “Introduction to Experimental Neuroscience”

Deadline for application: October 4th, 2020

29 September 2020

CAJAL course: Neural circuit basis of computation and behaviour

9-27 November 2020. Registration deadline has been extended to September 1st

29 July 2020

Neurasmus funded for 5 more years by the European Commission

“Jamais deux sans trois !” : Interview of Agnès Nadjar

17 July 2020

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