International PhD program in Neuroscience

The program is designed to foster rigorous research and analytical skills to train professionnals with a much-needed profile: the Neuroscience experts will have a global and specialized vision of the actual and coming issues in Neurosciences. The objective of the program is also to provide students with transferable skills to prepare them for different career opportunities (research, teaching or practice) in academic as well as in the private sector.

The International PhD training offer includes:

  • Research projects in Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories
  • 100 hours of additional courses, with a balance between disciplinary (Neuroscience) and complementary training, such as language and communication skills, training to teaching, knowledge of the socio-economic environment, employability and career development…
  • Monthly PhD seminar series currently organized by the Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association, with mentoring from senior scientists and financial support from Bordeaux Neurocampus.
  • Hands-on training workshops (e.g Cajal trainig program) as trainee or instructor at the Bordeaux School of NeuroscienceAll courses are delivered in English.

For the year 2018, the PhD program offers 6 PhD positions / fellowships.

Application requirements

– Hold a Master Degree in a relevant discipline
– Demonstrate excellent academic and scientific level
– Demonstrate Experience in a research laboratory
– Have adequate level in English and/or French

Admission process

Admission to the Bordeaux Neurocampus Phd Program involves 4 steps for the applicant:

  1. Online application (personal details and documents) / Deadline : July 31stPre-selection Commission / September 10th
  2. Personal interview (physique ou skype): 30 minutes of presentation of academic background, research experience, motivation and justification of the choice of 3 favourite thesis subjects
  3. Commission de selection / October 3st – 5thDiscussion and finale validation with the thesis supervisor / October 3st – 5th
    Notification / October, 8th
  4. Pedagogical and administrative registration
    Signature contrat / Deadline : Decembre 2018

PhD students of the program are enrolled in the Life and Health Science Doctoral School.

Fees and funding

  • 6 Fellowships offered by the program
  • Possible application for Mobility grants

Annual University registration fees: around 400 €


Last update: 4 May 2018