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Engineer position

To develop a multi-condition toxicity assay on 3D Cell Cultures using the soSPIM technology. Team Sibarita

8 November 2023

Assistant·e ingénieur·e

Equipe Herry (Neurocentre Magendie)

19 October 2023

Master/Post-doctoral research associate/fellow position

Contacts: Anne-Laure Dinel and Corinne Joffre (NutriNeuro)

10 October 2023

Assistant ingénieur en Comportement animal

Contact : Etienne Coutureau (INCIA)

3 October 2023

Poste de zootechnicien(ne) ouvert à la mobilité

Contact : Serge Alfos (NutriNeuro)

24 July 2023

Ingénieur(e) d’étude en neuroscience

Contacts : Xavier Fioramonti et David Jarriault (NutriNeuro)

5 July 2023

Engineer position in Neurophysiology

Team Development and Neurobiology of Neural Network (DN3) – INCIA

26 June 2023

Engineer position to develop automated fluidics and microfabrication approaches

Contacts : Rémi Galland and Jean-Baptiste Sibarita (IINS)

8 June 2023

Attaché∙e de recherche clinique F/H

Unité : Sanpsy

3 April 2023

Scientific Project Manager

Bordeaux School of Neuroscience

3 April 2023

Research engineer to develop light-sheet microscopy for neurosciences applications

Contact : Jean-Baptiste Sibarita (IINS)

23 March 2023

Assistant(e) Ingénieur(e)

Contact : Andreas Frick, Neurocentre Magendie

24 February 2023

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