NutriBrain is a structure of technologic and scientific transfert specialized in Nutrition and Neurosciences.

Our goal is to demonstrate the impact of nutrition on cerebral sphere, focusing on cerebral “well-being”. We study the impact of nutrients on brain functions, development of mood disorders (anxiety, depression, well-being,…) and cognitive ability

Mission :

Offer to industrials tools to study functional impact of their nutrients and highlight their products

  • Elaboration of research project in partnership
  • Setting up of project
  • Provision of services

NutriBrain structure works in collaboration with NutriNeurO laboratory, expert in nutrition impact on brain and headed by Dr. Sophie Layé. This interaction with a renowned laboratory expert in nutrition and neurosciences leads us to offer to our partner:

  • Specialist expertises
  • High level scientific studies with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Cross-disciplinary approaches based on pre-clinical and clinical studies from rodent to human models

Nutribrain, transfert structure is dealed by ADERA.

Last update: 3 October 2018