Bordeaux School of neuroscience

Ecole des neurosciences de BordeauxThe Bordeaux School of Neuroscience organizes advanced courses in all fields of neuroscience based on hands-on training. All courses combine lectures and experimental practice.

The structure has been chosen to organize the prestigious “Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Program“.  Throughout the year, renowned researchers, promising young researchers and many students from any geographical horizon come to the School. Thus, it contributes greatly to the reputation of Bordeaux as a stronghold of neuroscience.

Recently, the School has been assisting in the development of the “Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program” of the University of Bordeaux, by organizing training programs dedicated to Master’s and doctoral students in neuroscience or other disciplines interested in the brain.

The facility & services offered

A dedicated laboratory (500m2), available for 20 trainees, is equipped with :

  • a wet lab,
  • an in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology room,
  • IT facilities,
  • a standard cellular imaging room,
  • a behavioral facility
  • catering and meeting spaces.
  • access to high level core facilities such as the Bordeaux Imaging Center, Brain Imaging, functionnal genomics…

A dedicated staff is present for the full logistics and administration,  in support of the experimentation, an onsite catering and the organization of social events.


The team

Director :
Christophe Mulle

General manager :
Antonella Caminiti

Tél. 05 47 30 42 89

Scientific managers :
Mariela Escande

Tél. 05 47 30 42 88 / Mobile : 06 20 47 99 89

Giuliana Pellegrino

Tél. 05 47 30 42 85 / Mobile : 06 74 22 08 32

Administrative & communication assistant :
Jennifer Annette

Tél. 05 47 30 42 86