Cajal training: Optogenetics, chemogenetics, and biosensors for neural circuit research

Course overview

Genetically encoded tools for neuroscience enable precise observation and manipulation of defined neural cell types, in behaving animals. This course provides both breadth and depth in the theoretical and practical application of these tools across a variety of classes including experimental designs, and with an emphasis on hands-on experience.

After completing this course, a student should expect to be knowledgeable about a wide range of molecular tools, have experience with multiplexed read/write experimental design, understand how to integrate optical hardware with rodent behavior, and appreciate nuances between 1-photon and 2 photon implementations. Interpretation and data analysis are integrated across the course.

Course directors

Ofer Yizhar
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Anna Beyeler
Bordeaux University, France

Lief Fenno
University of Texas, Austin, USA

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Publication: 03/10/23
Last update 23/11/23