Workshop: Human pluripotent stem cells

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Šárka Jelínková (postdoc in Perrais’s team) and Benjamin Chauvineau (engineer for the GPR BRAIN_2030’s Neurotechnology subproject) are organizing a workshop about Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC).

Stem cell research holds tremendous potential in the areas of developmental biology, disease modeling, and cell therapy. These areas of stem cell research require experimental approaches that are not only efficient and reproducible, but also preserve the genetic integrity of the cells. To help ensure your success, we have created this workshop to help you start your human stem cell experiments with relation to neuroscience.

This course consists of Theoretical part broken down in 2 morning sessions, and Practical part in 3 days.

Practical part will have limited capacity due to laboratory space available, so please book this part only if you are planning to start experiments in following months and need an introduction to how to start.

Prerequisite: basics of cellular culture


6th March:
– History and properties of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (hPSC), Introduction into hPSC culture
– Quality control and Guidelines for preclinical research

7th March:
– Introduction into neuronal differentiation
– CRISPR/Cas9 in hPSC

In the practical part, we will look at basics of culture (6th – 8th March, 1 time 4 hours) :
– Thawing, maintenance and freezing of hPSC
– Different stages of glutamatergic neuronal differentiation

Part of the course are following materials:
– Slides from the presentations
– ISSCR guidelines materials
– Culture protocols



Publication: 25/01/23
Last update 08/02/23