Interview: Charlotte Madore-Delpech


Mise en ligne : 25 November 2020

Interview: Naoya Takahashi

New team leader – IINS

Mise en ligne : 29 October 2020

Portrait: Cristina Lemos

Our new project manager of the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program

Mise en ligne : 13 October 2020

Interview: Yann Rufin

Design engineer – BioProt platform

Mise en ligne : 6 October 2020

Interview: Mariela Escande

Scientific manager at the Bordeaux School of Neurosciences

Mise en ligne : 23 September 2020

Interview: Jonathan Elegheert and Brigitt Raux

Team “Structural biology and engineering of neuronal signaling” (IINS)

Mise en ligne : 16 September 2020

Interview: Sergio Hernandez Diaz

Post-doctoral researcher at IMN (Team Soukup)

Mise en ligne : 9 September 2020

Trois questions à Margaux Lebouc

Interrogée par l’Association Huntington France, qui finance sa thèse

Mise en ligne : 8 September 2020

Interview: Sophie Gauthier

Phd student at IMN and president of the NBA

Mise en ligne : 2 September 2020

Interview: Lucile Dupuy

Research engineer at Sanpsy

Mise en ligne : 22 July 2020

Interview: Matthieu Guémann

Post-doc in Aymar de Rugy’s team (INCIA)

Mise en ligne : 15 July 2020

Interview: Sylvie San Segundo

Budget officer at Neurocentre Magendie

Mise en ligne : 8 July 2020

Self-portrait : Vincent Paget-Blanc

New comer in the team Perrais, IINS.

Mise en ligne : 1 July 2020

Interview: Maddalena Balia

Newcomer in Arne Battefeld’s team (IMN)

Mise en ligne : 24 June 2020

Interview: Roman Walle

PhD student at NutriNeuro

Mise en ligne : 16 June 2020

Interview: Natacha Retailleau

Technician at IINS since 2009.

Mise en ligne : 10 June 2020

Interview: Ignacio Fernandez Moncada

Ignacio comes from Chili. He’s been in Giovanni Marsicano’s team since 2018

Mise en ligne : 3 June 2020

Interview : Stephanie Forkel

Stephanie Forkel is one of the new members of the GIN

Mise en ligne : 27 May 2020

Ana Dorrego-Rivas interviewed by 1MWIS

Ana is a PhD student in the Montcouquiol / Sans team

Mise en ligne : 22 May 2020

A duet Juvin – Bertrand now leads the CPGs team

Laurent Juvin has been an assistant professor at INCIA since 2011.

Mise en ligne : 20 May 2020