Call for applications: Light Sciences and Technology Master program

The call for applications for the Master program of the EUR Light S&T (Sciences and Technology) is now open.

One of the master tracks, “Biophotonics and Neurotechnology”, offers a multidisciplinary training program on advanced microscopy and photonics tools to address complex biological problems in the life sciences, in particular neuroscience and cancer biology.

For who ?

Biology, physics, chemistry, engineering undergraduate students, bio-techno-philes of all stripes!

The program

The academic program is composed of:

  • basic and specialised lecture and practicum courses,
  • internships in active research laboratories and core facilities equipped with state-of-the-arts technology and microscopes,
  • supporting infrastructure needed for modern research.

The courses and practicals are run by leading research faculty and staff, who take pride and interest in teaching and forming the next generation of biophotonics researchers and engineers.

The program is run in English and the students study and work in the international, collaborative and diverse research community of Bordeaux Neurocampus.

Key points

  • Multidisciplinary training in biophotonics, its technology and application
  • An identified area of research excellence at the University of Bordeaux
  • Taught by strong research faculty (including several ERC laureates)
  • Financial support offered, M1 and M2 internships are paid + possibility for merit-based fellowships (750€ / month)
  • Career perspectives in academic research (e.g. doctoral school) and private industry, as technology and application specialist, in R&D, sales and service sectors

Moreover, the program offers financial support to all enrolled students (in the form of merit-based “excellence fellowships” and paid internships) and a variety of career opportunities (workshops, summer schools and research stays in France and abroad).

More details

Video about the Light Sciences and Technologies Graduate Program

Presentation of the Biophotonics and Neurotechnology track (pdf)

How to apply: https://light-st.u-bordeaux.fr/

Description of the program: https://formations.u-bordeaux.fr/#/details-formation?type=parcours-type&id=1635



Valentin Nägerl
Team leader IINS and University professor
Researcher at the University of Bordeaux
Coordinator for Biophotonics in Graduate School for Light Science and Technologies

Publication: 27/02/23
Last update 27/02/23