Webinar about lattice light sheet by Mathieu Ducros (BIC)

“Microscopie lattice light-sheet: principes, résultats et développements”

During the lockdown, if you want to learn more about some fancy microscopy, the french technical network in microscopy, the RT-mFM offers series of 30 min webinars on state-of-the-art techniques. In this context, Mathieu Ducros gave a talk on lattice light sheet technics (in french). He explained how he built the system and he showed very nice applications in cellular biology and neurosciences, on live samples. He also talked about future development, like photo-manipulation or improvement of the image using adaptive optics. If you want to discover more about the lattice light sheet and its applications on live sample, please visit the link:

or go to the RTmfm youtube channel

Don’t hesitate to contact the BIC photonic to have more information or if you want to performe a test.

Publication: 06/05/20
Last update 06/05/20