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Dynamical prefrontal population coding during defensive behaviours

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Brain reactivity to humorous films is affected by insomnia. Collaboration between SANPSY, INCIA and IMN,

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Le système hypothalamique de détection des acides biliaires par TGR5 nous protège de l’obésité.

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NMDA receptor membrane dynamics tunes the firingpattern of midbrain dopaminergic neurons

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PAI-1 protein is a key molecular effector in the transition from normal to PTSD-like fear memory

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Subcellular specificity of cannabinoid effects in striatonigral circuits.

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Contrôle biomimétique d’une prothèse de bras à partir de mouvements naturels

Communiqué du CNRS. Travaux de l’équipe de Rugy (INCIA)

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Review: Advanced imaging and labelling methods to decipher brain

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Des ingrédients marins naturels pour booster le cerveau vieillissant ?

Press release, in french. From Nutrineuro research.

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Correlating STED and synchrotron XRF nano-imaging unveils cosegregation of metals and cytoskeleton proteins in dendrites

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A systematic analysis of ICSD-3 diagnostic criteria and proposal for further structured iteration

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Clinical relevance of brain atrophy subtypes categorization in memory clinics

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A Disynaptic Circuit in the Globus Pallidus Controls Locomotion Inhibition.

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Description of an atypical brain organization for language

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Microglial cells (green) and nuclei from microglial cells and other types of cells including neuronal cells (blue) © INRAE

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Essential omega-3 fatty acids tune microglial phagocytosis of synaptic elements in the mouse developing brain

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FluoSim: simulator of single molecule dynamics for fluorescence live-cell and super-resolution imaging of membrane proteins

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Messaging in Biological Psychiatry : Misrepresentations, their Causes and Possible Consequences

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A Novel Cortical Mechanism for Top-Down Control of Water Intake

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Le premier atlas de la fonction des connexions cérébrales

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When stealth α-synuclein fibrils take over

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Preventing and treating PTSD-like memory by trauma contextualization.

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Brexpiprazole blocks Posttraumatic stress disorder-like memory while promoting normal fear memory.

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LTP Induction Boosts Glutamate Spillover by Driving Withdrawal of Perisynaptic Astroglia

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Specific Hippocampal Interneurons ShapeConsolidation of Recognition Memory

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Tell me where you are, I will tell you how you are

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The relationship between brain state and membrane potential in CA3 pyramidal cells: an in vivo patch-clamp study

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A synthetic molecule that can restore lost connections in the brain

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Inhibition of striatonigral autophagy as a link between cannabinoid intoxication and impairment of motor coordination

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Prefrontal regulation of behavioural control: Evidence from learning theory and translational approaches in rodents.

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Cell stretching is amplified by active actin remodeling to deform and recruit proteins in mechano-sensitive structures.

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β4-Nicotinic Receptors Are Critically Involved in Reward-Related Behaviors and Self-Regulation of Nicotine Reinforcement.

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Retrovirus, inflammation and psychosis: a missing link identified!

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Brain extracellular microenvironment and Parkinson’s disease

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Star-Shaped Brain Cells Shed Light on the Link Between Cannabis Use and Sociability

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Expression of serotonin 1A and 2A receptors in molecular- and projection-defined neurons of the mouse insular cortex

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Presynaptic failure in Alzheimer’s disease

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Receptor mobility under the spotlight

A review in Science by Laurent Groc and Daniel Choquet and other publications…

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Parkinson’s disease signatures discovered using machine learning

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Bidirectional propagation of alpha-synuclein pathology in nonhuman primates: new insights into the gut-brain axis in Parkinson’s disease

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Figure 1 : CA1 neurons in a mouse organotypic hippocampal slice, that were single cell electroporated with TdTomato as a volume marker and observed by confocal microscopy at the Bordeaux Imaging Center.

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Controlling synapse differentiation with light

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