Self-portrait : Vincent Paget-Blanc

It’s always nice to see the university alumni returning to our teams. This is the case of Vincent Paget-Blanc, who has just joined David Perrais’ team at IINS. Self-portrait…

Vincent Paget-blanc : I was trained in neurosciences at the University of Bordeaux, where I did my Master 1 internship in Aline Marighetto’s team (in collaboration with the Montcouquiol / Sans team) and my Master 2 internship in Giovanni Marsicano’s team. Then I did my thesis at the University of Genoa in Italy under the supervision of Dr. Raffaella Tonini, and funded by the IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia). During this thesis I studied the modulation of cortico-striatal synapses in mice following the learning of operative behaviour. Using behavioral, biochemical, and pharmacological approaches I explored the role of the metabotropic glutamate 5 receptor in the formation of behavioral habit (publication in progress).

In the continuity of my thesis research, I analyzed within these same synapses the role of the endocannabinoid system in behavioral flexibility. I conducted this study using a super-resolution microscopy method (dSTORM) in collaboration with the team of Professor Istvàn Katona of the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Budapest (publication in preparation).

For my post-doctorate, I joined the team of David Perrais of the IINS in order to extend my research to dopaminergic synapses. I am doing this work with Etienne Herzog, and wish to analyze the protein composition of these synapses, their structural organization and their functioning. A better understanding of these synapses could allow us to better grasp the origin of certain diseases linked to the deregulation of the dopaminergic system such as addiction, Parkinson’s disease, or mood disorders.

Research axes:

  • Protein content of dopaminergic synapses
  • Structural and functional organization of dopaminergic synapses
  • Synaptosomal preparations by flow cytometry



Team :


Publication: 01/07/20
Last update 08/07/20