Chemogenetic stimulation of hippocampal adult-born neurons improves long-term memory accuracy

marie lods, Pierre Mortessagne, Emilie Pacary, Geoffrey Terral, Fanny Farrugia, Wilfrid Mazier, Nuria Masachs, Vanessa Charrier, Daniela Cota, Guillaume Ferreira, Djoher Abrous, Sophie Tronel
. 2021-06-11; :
DOI: 10.21203/

Hippocampal adult neurogenesis is involved in many memory processes from learning, to remembering and forgetting. However, whether or not the stimulation of adult neurogenesis can improve memory performance remains unclear. Here, using a chemogenetic approach that combines selective tagging and specific activation of distinct adult-born neuron populations, we demonstrate that this activation can improve remote memory accuracy and strength. These results open up new avenues for remedying memory problems that may arise over time.

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