Muriel Darnaudéry

University Teacher - Researcher

Professor Researcher (PU) / Université de Bordeaux

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+33 5 57 57 12 32


/ Address of work
NutriNeuro - Bâtiment UFR Pharmacie - 2e tranche – 2e étage - Case 34 - 146 rue Léo-Saignat - 33076 Bordeaux Cedex

I am working on the hypothesis of the developmental origin of adult health and diseases using an integrative approach. My research is dedicated to the exploration of the role of early-life environment (nutrition, maternal obesity, maternal diabetes, maternal stress) on brain functions and vulnerability to neuropsychiatric diseases (depression, anxiety) in offspring using preclinical models. Our work indicates that adverse early-life events (both during pre- and postnatal periods) increase the allostatic load and program the brain vulnerability to stress later in life. I also explore the causal role of gut-brain dysfunctions (gut microbiota dysbiosis and gut leakiness) in the emergence of deficits associated with early-life stress.

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