How to organize a seminar


Step 1 for Friday seminars:
– You already know the date?
Check on our agenda that no event is planned and confirm it with Arnaud Rodriguez.
– No date is chosen? Contact Arnaud Rodriguez who will tell you the free Fridays.

Please note that
– First Friday of the month is booked for our monthly conference (PhD series)
– Only Friday talks at 11:30 can get a financial by Bordeaux Neurocampus for the organization

Step 2 for Friday seminars


Other seminars
(called “impromptus”)

– Please chose the date and book the room (see details > )

Details to send us for communication

Please send the following details to Arnaud Rodriguez:
– Title
– Abstract
– Selection of 5 publications of the speaker
– Portrait (around 800px by 600px)

And don’t forget to contact the person in charge of communication in your unit!

Do not forget!

Le jour J, n’oubliez pas adaptateur pour le cable hdmi et un pointeur.

En pas de besoin, Bordeaux Neurocampus peut vous prêter le matériel.

Funding by Bordeaux Neurocampus

Bordeaux Neurocampus will fund seminars organised on a Friday at 11.30am: 1 night’s accommodation and return transport for a maximum amount of 500 euros.

Marine Boussicault (), our administrative officer, will contact your guest to arrange transport and accommodation.

Other events (impromptu seminars) are not covered.

Other events

PhD seminars

Monthly conferences, in the frame PhD seminars, count towards the training of doctoral students. they are organised by the NBA and the Graduate Programme.


Bordeaux Neurocampus’ financial contribution to symposia is made via the annual call for projects (around December).

Réserver une salle

How to book the following room:
– Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine
(150 places, only for Neurocampus research staff)
– confrence rooom of the CGFB
(100 places)

Neurocentre Magendie
> +33 (0)5 57 57 36 00

For a thesis defense :
> Mme Skunca – 05 57 57 16 67

If you are not working in a Neurocampus team and you wish to book the Broca center auditorium:

> 05 40 00 87 67 or 06 26 85 46 67