Lisa Roux in Horizon Magazine

Lisa Roux - Crédit : Sharpen
Lisa Roux – Credit Sharpen

Lisa Roux, CNRS researcher at IINS was interviewed by Horizon Magazine (The European Union’s research and innovation magazine). In this article, she explains that individuals recognize each other partly thanks to the smells they emit. Lisa Roux benefits from a European financial support (ERC) for her research project.

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About Lisa Roux’s project

There’s a lot more to odours than meets the nose

The sense of smell is vital for animals and humans to detect chemicals in their environment. It influences food intake, reproduction and social behaviour. For instance, social chemosignals (olfactory cues from urine or body secretions) are efficient communication cues carrying important information such as territory ownership, resources’ locations and identity. The EU-funded sociOlfa project will investigate the brain-wide mechanisms underlying the contribution of social chemosignals to spatial and social memory in the mouse. Using advanced computational methods and technologies, the project will study the mechanism of spatial memory consolidation, track the brain substrates of individuals’ identity in mice, and test whether a coordination between olfactory and memory networks is essential to the formation of social recognition memory.

(Source : https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/851560)

Publication: 20/04/21
Last update 20/04/21