GPR BRAIN_2030 call for proposal – PhD extension grant 2022


The GPR BRAIN_2030 offers to students from Bordeaux Neurocampus a fellowship to complete their PhD thesis work, either before or after the defense. The fellowship aims at funding either a fourth year of PhD, or a few months of post-doctoral contract equivalent to a maximum of one year’s thesis salary, covering up a period to finish projects before leaving the lab.

Eligibility criteria

  • The PhD must be conducted in a Bordeaux Neurocampus institute
  • The candidate is currently:
  • in his/her 3rd year of PhD, wishes to extend his/her 3rd year and/or to start a post-doc
  • in his/her 3rd year of PhD and wishes to do a 4th year of PhD
  • The GPR BRAIN_2030 PhD extension grant doesn’t exceed 12 months in total and the equivalent of one year’s thesis salary
  • For PhD students who have obtained a x-month COVID extension, the GPR PhD extension grant will last 12-x months (example: if the COVID extension lasts 4 months, the GPR PhD extension grant cannot exceed 8 months).

Evaluation criteria

  • Curriculum and career plan
  • Quality of the application (clear and concise writing, in line with the template…)
  • Quality of the methodology (progress achieved and planning for the completion of the thesis, feasibility)
  • Potential to result in high impact publications

The coordinators and co-coordinators of the GPR BRAIN_2030 will evaluate the applications.


Download the formular (doc)

Send your candidature by e-mail to .

Deadline: Wednesday June 1st 2022 at 2:00 pm.

The list of laureates will be communicated by email and on the Bordeaux Neurocampus website on Monday June 27th 2022 (afternoon).


Publication: 05/05/22
Last update 02/06/22