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SyDAD : Advanced Methods for Preclinical Alzheimer Research

Monday 21 January 2019 - Saturday 2 February 2019

Talks ore open to everyone.

ITN Marie Sklodowska Curie grant

21 January to 2 February

For more information: http://www.sydad.eu/ad-methodology-workshop

Course organizers:
Christophe Mulle, Susanne Frykman,  Bengt Winblad,
University of Bordeaux,  Karolinska Institut et Karolinska Institutet

Contact: es.ik1561613725@namk1561613725yrf.e1561613725nnasu1561613725S1561613725


Venue: CGFB – conference room

Monday 21 January

11AM: Bengt Winblad – What has happened in the last 5 years regarding treatment of AD?

Tuesday 22 January

9AM: Bart de Strooper – The cellular phase of Alzheimer’s Disease: integration of the amyloid and inflammation hypothesis

11AM: Agneta Nordberg – Interactive pathological processes in Alzheimer´s disease and other proteinonpathies as studied by PET imaging

Wednesday 23 January

9AM: Jean-Francois Dartigues – Alzheimer in the city

11h00: Florence Pasquier – Early and late onset Alzheimer’s disease

Monday 28 January

9AM: Eckhard Mandelkow – Structure, aggregation, and interaction partners

Eva Mandelkow –  Animal models, modes of toxicity, and therapeutic approaches

11AM: Michael Heneka – Innate immune activation in Alzheimer’s disease

Tuesday 29 January

9AM: Monica Di Luca – Amyloid in the synapse: an inner dialogue in the frame of Alzheimer Disease

11AM: John Hardy – Genomic analysis of neurodegenerative disease

Wednesday 30 January

11AM: Petr. Novak – To be determined


Coming soon

  1. Cajal course : Biosensors and actuators for cellular and systems neuroscience

    Tuesday 25 June 2019 - Tuesday 9 July 2019

    Talks are open to everyone

  2. Conference – Stuart Firestein

    Thursday 27 June 2019 / 14:00

    How Biology Perceives Chemistry: The Mammalian Olfactory System

  3. Conference Labex Trail – Goran Angelovski

    Friday 28 June 2019 / 14:30

    Molecular fMRI with Bioresponsive Probes

  4. Atout neurones

    Saturday 29 June 2019 / 14:00 - 20:00

    Tournoi de bridge au profit de la recherche sur le cerveau et conférence d'Olivier Nicole (IMN)

  5. Seminar – Anne Brunet

    Tuesday 2 July 2019 / 11:30

    Understanding and modeling aging


Monday 21 January 2019
Saturday 2 February 2019