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Soutenance d’HDR – Olivier Nicole

11 September 2023 / 14:00

Lieu : Centre Broca

Olivier Nicole
Equipe Groc


NMDA receptor functions in brain physiology and diseases


Since the discovery of NMDA-Rs four decades ago, substantial efforts have been made to dissect their major contributions to neural physiology and pathologies. Indeed, NMDA-R functions encompass the regulation of neuronal migration, synaptogenesis, and maturation during development, as well as the initiation of long-term synaptic plasticity and fine-tuning of brain network activities and behaviors. Consequently, impairments in NMDA-R signaling contribute to devastating neurological and psychiatric disorders such as stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, autism, or schizophrenia, and the underlying mechanisms of NMDA-R dysfunctions have been under close scrutiny. More recently, an increasing corpus of studies highlights that NMDA-R physiology cannot be restricted to fluxing ions and involves additional facets controlling synaptic transmissions in health and disease (i.e., receptor channel properties, total expression, synaptic content, and nanoscale organization, extrasynaptic content, and surface diffusion). After a summary of my past achievements, I will develop my ongoing projects. The driving force of my project is to elucidate the functional role of new dimensions of NMDA-R physiology in brain development and in neural network remodeling underlying physiological and pathological processes.


Dr Héléne MARIE, IPMC UMR-CNRS 7275, Sophia Antipolis – Rapportrice
Dr Claire RAMPON, CBI, UMR-CNRS 5169, Toulouse – Rapportrice
Pr Thomas FRERET, UMRS-INSERM U1075, Caen – Rapporteur
Dr Stephen TRAYNELIS, Emory University, Atlanta (USA) (Via zoom) – Examinateur
Dr Laurent GROC, UMR-CNRS 5297, Bordeaux – Examinateur

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11 September 2023
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