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Seminar – Guillaume Montagnac

Wednesday 17 April 2019 / 11:00

“Frustrated endocytosis in the clathrin pathway”, “Frustrated endocytosis in the clathrin pathway”

Venue: Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Guillaume MontagnacGuillaume Montagnac
Directeur de recherche – INSERM
Equipe “Endocytose, cytosquelette et migration cellulaire”
Gustave Roussy

Invited par David Perrais


Clathrin-mediated endocytosis is a fundamental process allowing the cell to internalize surface exposed receptors and their ligands. It relies on the formation of clathrin-coated structures (CCSs) that typically recruit receptors and concomitantly progressively bend the plasma membrane to form endocytic vesicles that bud in the cytosol. However, this process can be mechanically impaired when receptors to be internalized are engaged with the substrate. Our work highlights the role of the cell microenvironment in regulating endocytosis, potentially turning it into frustrated endocytosis with important consequences for cell migration, signaling and proliferation.”

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  1. Seminar – Cordelia Imig

    Monday 22 July 2019 / 11:00

    IINS group leader candidate. "Presynaptic Ultrastructure-Function Relationships Resolved by Electron Tomography"

  2. Seminar – Shi-Wei CHU

    Friday 26 July 2019 / 11:00 - 12:00

    Faster, deeper, higher resolution optical microscopy for brain imaging

  3. Monthly conference (PhD seminar series) – Laurent Bourdieu

    Friday 6 September 2019 / 11:30

    Fast 3D imaging of neuronal activity in visual cortex across multiple layers in awake mice

  4. Cajal lectures : Whole brain imaging

    Monday 9 September 2019 - Friday 27 September 2019

    Free entrance lectures / Venue: CGFB

  5. Seminar – Francesco Papaleo

    Friday 13 September 2019 / 11:30

    Bottom-Up and Top-Down Control of Emotion Recognition.

Conférence internationale : REWARD

Du 2 au 4 octobre

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Wednesday 17 April 2019