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Neuro-Oncology Meets Neurosciences

Monday 9 December - Tuesday 10 December

Venue: Centre Broca


– Andreas Bikfalvi (BRIC)
– Valentin Nägerl (Neurocampus)

About the conference

Glioblastoma (GB) is the most aggressive brain tumor characterized by high proliferation rate, core necrosis, microvascular proliferation and tumor infiltration. GB treatment consists in tumor resection by surgery and radiotherapy plus concomitant chemotherapy with temozolomide (Stupp et al, 2005). However, GB still remains incurable with a low median survival rate of approx. 15 months. This is due to resistance to treatment mainly caused by the presence of tumor cells that escape tumor resection by invading the normal brain parenchyma. Recent developments in immunotherapy did not succeed in overcoming this challenge. Unfortunately, the mechanisms underlying GB development are still not fully understood and current model systems addressing these questions are not adequate, impeding progress for the field. It has been shown that the tumor microenvironment (TME) in GB partially controls tumor growth and invasion, and constitutes a therapeutic target (Bikfalvi et al, 2022). A body of recent studies points to an important role of the normal neuronal brain environment in GB progression. This meeting brings people together from both, the neuro-oncology and neuroscience communities to highlight these new developments occurring at the interface between neuro-oncology and the neurosciences.


Day 1 – Monday, December 9th

Welcome – Registration, attachment posters

Introductory remarks and welcome by local Organizing committee

  • Challenges in brain tumor research: focus on the tumor microenvironment, Andreas Bikfalvi (BRIC, Bordeaux)
  • Structuration de la neuro-oncologie en France, (François Ducray, President de l’ANOCEF)
  • The Neurocampus Bordeaux, new directions for interdisciplinary research, Laurent Groc (IINS)

Session 1: Neuroscience and Neuro-Oncology  

Frank Winkler (DKFZ Heidelberg, DE) – The field of Cancer Neuroscience

Valentin Nägerl (IINS, Bordeaux) – Neurophotonics and neuro-oncology

Thomas Mathivet (BRIC, Bordeaux) – Imaging the brain tumor vasculature

16h15-17h00 : Coffee Break / Poster Session

Giovanni Marsicano (IINS, Bordeaux) – Cannabinoids cannabinoid receptors in the brain

Gilles Hueberfeld (IPNB, Paris) – Neuronal control of brain tumors

Hélène Castel (INSERM, Rouen) – Cancer related cognitive impairment

18h30 – 19h30 :  Wine tasting / Poster Session

Day 2 –Tuesday December 10th

Session 2: Glioblastoma: molecular and mechanistic aspects

Marie Pierre Junier (IBPS, Paris) – Plasticity of glioblastoma cells and its vulnerabilities

Thomas Daubon (IBGC, Bordeaux) – The lactate cross talk between brain tumors and the nervous system

Lucie Brisson (BRIC, Bordeaux) – Autophagy, Lipophagy in glioblastoma, how does this impact on the GB

10h30-11h00 : Coffee Break / Poster Session

Ahmad Charanek (BRIC, Bordeaux) – Mitochondria in glioblastoma development

Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore (CRMSB, Bordeaux) – Metabolic interactions in the brain microenvironment

Grégory Giannone (IINS, Bordeaux) – Deciphering mechano-biology using super-resolution microscopy

12h30-14h30 : Lunch buffet / Poster Session 

Session 3: Diffuse IDH1 mutant gliomas

Marc Sanson (ICM, Paris) – New insight’s into the biology of IDH mutant gliomas, therapeutic implications

15H00 -15H30
Christèle Etchegaray (INRIA, Bordeaux) & Andreas Bikfalvi (BRIC, Bordeaux) – Multiparametric analysis of IDH-mutant gliomas

15h30 -16H00
François Ducray (CRCL, Lyon) – Oligodendrogliomas : clinical challenges and new insights from multi-omic studies

16h00-16h30 : Coffee Break / Poster Session

Lecture Magistralis:

Michelle Monje (Stanford, USA) – Cancer Neuroscience and Pediatric Gliomas

17h15- 17h30 : Poster Awards

Round table discussion:


Andreas Bikfalvi, Francois Ducray, Valentin Nägerl, Marc Sanson, Frank Winkler – How Neuroscience and Neuro-oncology can cross-fertilize each other & the place of a Bordeaux Cancer Neuroscience initiative in this context

18h15- 18h30 : Congress closing speech

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Monday 9 December
Tuesday 10 December
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