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Cajal lectures: Advanced techniques for synapse biology

24 October 2023 - 9 November 2023

Venue: CGFB

Free access

October 24 – 9:00am
Cécile Charrier (Institute of Biology, École Normale Supérieure, France)
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic development: insights from a human-specific gene.

October 24 – 11:00am
Brian Mac Cabe (EPFL, Lausanne, Swiss)
Unknown knowns of Drosophila synapses.

October 26 – 9:00am
Noa Lipstein (LeibnizFMP, Germany)
Synaptic transmission in health and disease.

October 26 – 11:00am
Julie Perroy (IGF, University of Montpellier, France)
Molecular dynamics at glutamatergic synapses and beyond.

October 28 – 9:00am
Josef Kittler (University College London, UK)
Molecular mechanism of inhibitory synapse formation and plasticity.

October 30 – 9:00am
Daniel Choquet (CNRS/University of Bordeaux, France)
Nanoscale synapse organization and function.

November 2 – 9:00am
Marina Mikhaylova (Humboldt University , Germany)
Calcium and synaptic heterogeneity.

November 3 – 9:00am
Rosa Paolicelli (University of Lausanne, Swiss)
Microglia: key players in synapse remodeling in the healthy and diseased brain.

November 3 – 11:00am
Alfredo Kirkwood (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Principles of Hebbian, Pavlovian and Homeostatic synaptic plasticity.

November 6 – 9:00am
Juan Burrone (King’s College London, UK)
The emergence and plasticity of inhibitory synapses: from dendrites to the axon initial segment.

November 6 – 11:00am
Axion BioSystems : Presentation

November 7 – 9:00am
Nael Nadif Kasri (Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands)
Leveraging spontaneous activity in human neuronal stem cell-derived neurons to model neurodevelopmental disorders.

November 9 – 9:00am
Christian Lohmann (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Netherlands)
Imaging synapse development.

November 9 – 11:00am
Julijana Gjorgjieva (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Germany)
Emergence of organization and computations at the subcellular and cellular scales.

Course directors

Ana Luisa Carvalho – Coimbra University, Portugal

Mathieu Letellier – Bordeaux University, France

Hey-Kyoung Lee – John Hopkins University., US

About the course

Advanced techniques for synapse biology – CAJAL (cajal-training.org)

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24 October 2023
9 November 2023
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