Erwan Bezard new Editor-in-Chief of Neurobiology of disease

Erwan Bezard (left) and Michel Thiebaut de Schotten (right)

Erwan Bezard has been the new Editor-in-chief of Neurobiology of Disease since January 1st, 2022.

This nomination, after Michel Thiebaut de Schotten’s one at Brain Structure and Function since June 2020, is another sign that Bordeaux Neurocampus counts in the world neurosciences.

Moreover, it is worth noting the complementarity of these journals, with pathological mechanisms for one and normal brain function for the other.

Researchers wishing to submit an article can contact them directly Erwan Bezard and Michel Thiebaut.

About Neurobiology of Disease:


Contact : Erwan Bezard

About Brain Structure and Function:


Contact : Michel Thiebaut de Schotten


Publication: 10/01/22
Last update 11/01/22