Target ALS: project support

Ends on 29 May 2024

As new therapeutics have begun moving the needle for ALS patients, tracking disease progression and monitoring the effects of drug treatment have become even more important. Biomarkers are needed to stratify patient populations, understand response to therapeutics, and quantify disease progression. We are soliciting proposals from collaborative groups focused on the discovery and development of novel disease progression and stratification biomarkers using any modality.

Although all groups studying disease progression biomarkers are eligible to apply, Target ALS is particularly interested in supporting projects that propose the study of:

  • Cryptic exons and cryptic exon-related biomarkers
  • Biomarkers with utility in ongoing or upcoming therapeutic trials
  • Biomarkers for patient population stratification for specific therapeutics (e.g. presence of specific cryptic exons, cognitive involvement, ALS/FTD spectrum)

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