IBRO – Neuroscience Capacity Accelerator for Mental Health

Ends on 24 October 2023

This exciting new program aims to enhance neuroscience research related to mental health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), with a focus on promoting research capacity and accelerating the potential for impactful research programs.

Whether you are part of a pre-existing collaboration or seeking new opportunities to expand your research and career trajectory, the Capacity Accelerator program is your opportunity to advance the understanding of depression, anxiety, psychosis, broadly defined*. The Capacity Accelerator is specifically designed for researchers located in or affiliated with a LMIC, who are collaborating with a small group of local or international partners on a joint project in its formative stages. While the lead applicant must be based in a LMIC, other collaborating partner(s) can be based anywhere in the world. Example collaborations could include merging local neuroscience expertise with insights from collaborators, such as other neuroscientists, representatives of medical patient groups, healthcare practitioners, or educators.

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Website : https://ibro.org/capacity-accelerator/