Cajal lectures: “Advanced imaging techniques for cellular and systems neuroscience”

The lectures during the Cajal course are open to every member of Bordeaux Neurocampus.

Venue: CGFB

October 18 – 11:00am
Dmitri Rusakov (University College London, UK)
Monitoring variable efficacy of individual synapses with multiplexed imaging

October 20 – 9:00am
Christophe Leterrier (Aix-Marseille University, France)
The axonal cytoskeleton at the nanoscale

October 20 – 11:00am
Olga Garaschuk (University of Tübingen, Germany)
Deciphering the functional properties of mouse and human microglia

October 21 – 9:00am
Kirill Volynski (University College London, UK)
iGluSnFR imaging reveals the differential regulation of synchronous and asynchronous vesicular release at small central synapses

October 21  – 11:00am
Daniel Choquet (Bordeaux Neurocampus, France)
Nanoscale organization and function of excitatory synapses

October 25 – 9:00am
Timothy Ryan (Cornell University, USA)
Support your local synapse: vulnerabilities and control points in synapse function

October 25 – 11:00am
Dragomir Milovanovic (Charité University Clinic, Germany)
Phase separation at the synaptic boutons

October 28 – 11:00am
Laurent Groc (Bordeaux Neurocampus, France)
Imaging membrane receptor dynamics: basics and role in neuropsychiatric disorders

October 29 – 9:00am
Andrea Volterra (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
Use of 1D-to-3D two-photon Ca2+ imaging to decode the language of astrocyte communication

October 29 – 11:00am
Christian Henneberger (University of Bonn, Germany)
Visualizing the extracellular signalling of glutamate receptor ligands

November 2 – 9:00am
Anna Beyeler (Bordeaux Neurocampus, France)
Circuits dissection in emotional valence and anxiety: case studies on the amygdala and insular cortex

November 2 – 11:00am
Valentin Nagerl (Bordeaux Neurocampus, France)
Super-resolution microscopy for neuroscience: from basic principles to recent applications

November 3 – 9:00am
Tatiana Korotkova (University of Cologne, Germany)
Simple pleasures: neuronal regulation of feeding and social interactions

November 3 – 11:00am
Gregory Giannone (Bordeaux Neurocampus, France)

November 3 – 5:30pm
Thomas Blanpied (Bordeaux Neurocampus, France)
Dynamic control of synapse nanoarchitecture

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