Shadow imaging for panoptical visualization of living brain tissue

Yulia Dembitskaya, Andrew K. J. Boyce, Agata Idziak, Atefeh Pourkhalili Langeroudi, Guillaume Le Bourdellès, Jordan Girard, Misa Arizono, Mathieu Ducros, Marie Sato-Fitoussi, Amaia Ochoa de Amezaga, Kristell Oizel, Stephane Bancelin, Luc Mercier, Thomas Pfeiffer, Roger J. Thompson, Sun Kwang Kim, Andreas Bikfalvi, U. Valentin Nägerl
. 2022-11-03; :
DOI: 10.1101/2022.11.03.511028

Progress in neuroscience research hinges on technical advances in visualizing living brain tissue with high fidelity and facility. Current neuroanatomical imaging approaches either require tissue fixation, do not have cellular resolution or only give a fragmented view. Here, we show how regular light microscopy together with fluorescence labeling of the interstitial fluid in the extracellular space provide comprehensive optical access in real-time to the anatomical complexity and dynamics of living brain tissue.

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