S. Al Adeb, A. Marighetto, A. Desmedt et al. in Nature Communications

The paper shows that (1) contextual amnesia, produced by the optogenetic inhibition of hippocampal activity (dCA1) during stress, causes PTSD-like hypermnesia in mice, and (2) the re-contextualization of traumatic memory by re-exposure to all trauma-related cues cures PTSD-like memory while promoting normal fear memory.


Al Abed S., Ducourneau E.G., Bouarab C., Sellami A., Marighetto* A., and Desmedt* A.
Preventing and treating PTSD-like memory by trauma contextualization.
Nature Communications.
2020 Aug 24;11(1):4220.
doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-18002-w.

*co-last authorship

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Pathophysiology of declarative memory
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Publication: 30/09/20
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