Cell biology
Biologie cellulaire


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The strong need for the production of primary cultured cells, recombinant proteins, plasmids and general molecular tools, calls for the reinforcement of some of those activities as a central resource of expertise. Many research groups at IINS have expertise in cell biology and have joined efforts to mutualize resources and optimize efficiency. In addition, many groups specialized in imaging, electrophysiology or behavior can benefit from access to an open resource in cell biology.

IINS has thus created a common core service « Cell biology resource » that coordinates production of primary neuronal cultures, molecular biology tools and simple biochemistry. In addition, this core facility can respond to specific requests, pending agreement, to perform primary neuronal cultures, construct cDNAs of interest, plasmid handling, maxiprep preparations and protein expression and validation. It also acts as a bridge with the FNB biochemistry core facility.


Membres de l'équipe

Audrey Lacquemant (Ingénieur/technicien)
Françoise Coussen (Chercheur)
Delphine Bouchet-Tessier (Ingénieur/technicien)
Nicolas Chevrier (Ingénieur/technicien)
Sophie Daburon (Ingénieur/technicien)
Constance Manso (Ingénieur/technicien)
Béatrice Tessier (Ingénieur/technicien)
Emeline Verdier (Ingénieur/technicien)
Natacha Retailleau (Ingénieur/technicien)
Matthieu Munier (Ingénieur technicien)
Christelle Breillat (Ingénieur/technicien)