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Offre de post-doctorant à Nutrineuro

Etude de composés issus de l’alimentation sur l’activité des cellules microgliales

19 mars 2019

Emploi : électrophysiologiste en CDI

Équipe Baufreton / Georges (IMN)

7 mars 2019

Postdoctoral Position in Behavioral Neuroscience

to study the effects of altered gravitational environments experienced by astronauts during spaceflights.

25 février 2019

Post-doctoral position – team « Pathophysiology of neuron-oligodendrocyte interaction »

The lab aims to understand cellular mechanisms of neuron-oligodendrocyte interaction during development, adulthood and their subsequent alteration in neurodegenerative disease.

31 janvier 2019

Post-doctoral position – team « Synaptic Circuits of Memory »

The project takes part in a collaborative translational effort to establish new therapies against temporal lobe epilepsy

30 janvier 2019

Post-doctoral position in synaptic plasticity funded by ERC

We are seeking to recruit post-doctoral fellows expert in slice electrophysiology and imaging to study innovative aspects of synaptic plasticity.

30 janvier 2019

Master 2 student position at IINS Bordeaux

“Imagerie 3D du développement de neurosphères »

21 janvier 2019

Post doc positions in team « Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptopathies »

To uncover early mechanisms leading to synaptic decay and neurodegeneration using the fly as a model organism.

20 janvier 2019

Poste de post-doctorant en neurobiologie de l’obésité et du diabète

Equipe de Daniela Cota, en collaboration avec Giovanni Marsicano

4 janvier 2019

Available post-doctoral position in synaptic plasticity funded by ERC

On line: June 25, 2018 We are seeking to recruit post-doctoral fellows expert in slice or in vivo electrophysiology and imaging to study AMPA receptor trafficking and synaptic function with innovative electrophysiological, molecular and imaging approaches. These approaches will be combined with behavioral assessment of memory function to understand the link between synaptic plasticity and memory storage, consolidation and retrieval. We have developed innovative tools to control with light the accumulation or disappearance of AMPAR from synapses during LTP and LTD. In this project, we will use these optogenetic tools to analyse the role of synaptic plasticity in information processing…

26 juin 2018

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