Post-doctoral position: Astrocytes and NMDAR functions in the subiculum

The team Glia-Neuron Interactions at the Neurocentre Magendie in Bordeaux Neurocampus is looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher.

Our group is investigating neuron-glia interactions with a particular interest for the tripartite synapse that considers astrocytes as active partners of chemical synapses. The general objective of our current research projects is to enhance our understanding of glial functions in the healthy and diseased nervous system. We aim at characterizing the impact of astrocytes on synaptic functions in physiological conditions as well as in the context of different pathologies like Alzheimer’s disease.

The medial temporal-lobe system is crucial for the formation and retrieval of episodic memory. Historically, most studies have focused on CA1, CA3, dentate gyrus and entorhinal cortex layers that all carry out specific functions. Recent evidence has highlighted the substantial contribution of another region of this system, the subiculum. Our project aims to investigate the contribution of astrocytes in NMDAR functions in the subiculum, from synaptic transmission to activity-dependent plasticity, using electrophysiological recordings.

Candidates must have a PhD degree in Neuroscience and ideally, a solid expertise in electrophysiology. Candidates will also be expected to write manuscripts, give research presentations and be involved in the day-to-day running of the laboratory. The ability to work in a team is essential.

Aude Panatier


Publication: 28/02/24
Mise à jour: 09/03/24