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Seminar – Gabriel Finkelstein

25 mars 2022 / 11:30

Gabriel Finkelstein - Credit Arnaud Rodriguez Gabriel Finkelstein
University of Colorado Denver

In sabbatical
in Cédric Brun’s team (Neuroscience, Humanities and Society – IMN)

Venue: Centre Broca

On replay:


The French roots of electrophysiology


This talk looks at the subject of my biography, the German physiologist Emil du Bois-Reymond (1818–1896). With respect to his philosophy of biological reduction, his methods of electrophysiological experiment, and his co-discovery of the action potential, du Bois-Reymond is generally considered one of the founders of neuroscience. Less well known are the origins of his innovation: French writers shaped his outlook on science, just as French scientists shaped his practice in the laboratory. I contend that du Bois-Reymond’s originality is the product of his synthesis of French traditions with German concerns.

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Interview with Gabriel Finkelstein

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Date :
25 mars 2022
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