Two international conferences in 2022

Save the dates! Two Bordeaux Neurocampus international conferences will take place in 2022.

Neurodevelopmental disorders: from molecular mechanisms to social inclusion

18-20 May 2022

Neurodevelopmental disorders are a group of different conditions in which the development of the central nervous system is disturbed and that often have lifelong consequences. Such developmental brain dysfunction can manifest as neuropsychiatric problems (Autism Spectrum Disorders, schizophrenia, fragile-X syndrome, down syndrome…) or impaired motor function, learning, language or non-verbal communication. Numerous developmental processes can go awry, sometimes simultaneously, affecting the generation of the appropriate diversity of neural cell types, their migration to correct sites in the brain and the establishment of precise connectivity with target cells, leading to complex brain and sensory dysfunction(s) and neurological diseases.
In this 3 day symposium, experts from different areas of developmental neuroscience, human neuropsychology, epidemiology, brain imaging and genetics & epigenetics as well as clinicians will address the current state of neurodevelopmental disorders research, and its challenges for human health. We hope that by integrating neurodevelopmental perspectives and basic, translational and clinical approaches, this meeting will promote discussions and exchanges, and a new understanding of the complexity of these pathologies.

Scientific committee

– Anouck AMESTOY ; INCIA / Centre hospitalier Charles Perrens
– Sophie LAYÉ ; Nutrineuro
– Mireille MONTCOUQUIOL ; Neurocentre Magendie
– Nathalie SANS ; Neurocentre Magendie

More details: https://spring-brainconf.u-bordeaux.fr

Molecular, cellular and network mechanisms of synaptic plasticity

27-30 September 2022

The plasticity of synaptic transmission efficacy plays a central role during neuronal development for the refinement of neuronal circuits and at all ages for the short and long term storage of memories and their erasure. Defects in synapse function and their altered plasticity is thought to be the primary cause of several brain disorders. Despite its recognized importance and decades of investigations by hundreds of laboratories, the molecular and cellular basis of the various forms of synaptic plasticity still remain largely mysterious.

This conference proposes to bring together among the most famous international and French experts on the molecular and cellular basis of synaptic plasticity, with a focus on its relation to memory. We will gather experts from neurotransmitter receptor structure, synapse nanoscale organization, synapse physiology to signaling and molecular mechanisms as well as the latest advances in our understanding of the tri-partite synapse mechanisms involved in synaptic plasticity and thus memory. Our speaker list is a harmonious balance between young and more established investigators, respecting diversity and gender balance.

Scientific committee

– Daniel Choquet ; IINS
– Laurent Groc ; IINS
– Aude Panatier ; Neurocentre Magendie

More details  on https://autumn-brainconf.u-bordeaux.fr

Publication: 23/08/21
Last update 10/11/21