Tech’talks 2023: call for proposals

In 2021, 3 tech’talks were organized by the student representatives of the Neurocampus Department council:

What is a tech’talk?

Tech’talks’ purpose is to extensively present a technique used in a research project : general principle and technical details, use cases, problems that may be encountered, methodological development… and results obtained. This 20-30 minute presentation is followed by a discussion (around 30 minutes) : questions, exchanges and advice.

It offers the opportunity to members of the Bordeaux Neurocampus to share their scientific expertise on cutting edge technologies, and encourage local collaborations!

PhD students in their last years, Post-docs, Technicians and Engineers are all invited to present their favorite techniques.

Next tech’talks

Tech’talks are organised by the students representatives of the Neurocampus Department council.

Help them organize next tech’talks by answering a form before January 15th:



Publication: 15/12/22
Last update 03/01/23