Purinergic mediated neuroinflammation and brain disorders


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Neurological disorders rely on alterations of the central or peripheral nervous system that are caused by impairments of neuronal transmission or more global perturbations of local circuits that implicate glial cells. The scientific goal of our team is to understand the contribution of neuronal versus inflammatory signaling in brain disorders including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), chronic pain, and anxiety-related disorders. Our objectives are to determine (i) the contribution of purinergic signaling as a dual system, and (ii) the modulatory function of peptidergic signaling, both capable to regulate neuronal synaptic activation and microglial neuro-inflammatory reaction as well as developmental processes. We combine cellular, anatomical, functional and behavioral approaches from in vitro to animal models. We expect to reveal the respective contribution of neuronal versus inflammation signaling in several central disorders and to provide attractive novel strategies and cellular targets to cure these disorders.

Selected publications

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Team leader
Eric Boué-Grabot

Marc Landry
Université de Bordeaux

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Eric Boué-Grabot (Researcher)
Marc Landry (Team leader - BIC Deputy platform leader)

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André Calas (University teacher-researcher)
Karine Massé (University Teacher- Researcher)

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Cynthia Khoury Abboud


Sara Carracedo
Thibault Dhellemmes
Sarah Bou Sader Nehme