Mario Carta


Researcher - PhD (CR) / CNRS

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+33 5 33 51 47 59


Mario Carta (CRCN-CNRS, University of Bordeaux) is a neurobiologist with strong expertise in electrophysiology of synaptic transmission and plasticity and in cortical processing in vitro and in vivo. The general aim of his research is to understand how synapses and neuronal circuits function and how they are regulated in various physiological or pathological states. He was trained as a slice electrophysiologist in the Valenzuela lab (University of New Mexico, USA) where he studied how ethanol, neurosteroids and various pharmacological compounds modulate neuronal and synaptic plasticity and circuit functions in the hippocampus and cerebellum. He worked as a post-doc in the laboratory of Christophe Mulle (University of Bordeaux) to tackle molecular and cell biological aspects of synaptic physiology and plasticity. In 2013, he was recruited as a junior researcher at the CNRS. From 2017 until the end of 2021, he joined the laboratory of James Poulet (MDC, Berlin) where he investigated in vivo cortical circuits during sensory stimulation and behavior, focusing on the role of the mouse insular cortex in thermosensory perception. He learned how to use cutting-edge approaches such as wide field, 2-photon calcium imaging and electrophysiology in anesthetized and awake behaving animals. Mario Carta returned to Bordeaux in 2022, where he now investigates the synaptic mechanisms underlying gustatory processing in the mouse cortex.

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