LabEx Brain

BRAIN is the Laboratory of Excellence (i.e. cluster of excellence), specialized in neuroscience, in Bordeaux, headed by Daniel Choquet.


Thanks to the Investissement d’Avenir program, the LabEx BRAIN has obtained significant means to compete with its foreign counterparts and increase the international visibility of Bordeaux Neuroscience. The LabEx BRAIN project has received 20M€ of total funding through 2019. Its general ambition is to position our research community as a key player in the creation of new knowledge and the discovery of new treatments for neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases at the European and global level. BRAIN also participates in the development of local employment with the emergence of start-ups, and is now becoming the reference for European training in neuroscience.


BRAIN allows to initiate new ideas and transversal projects, by bringing together a multidisciplinary consortium of world renowned scientists, in order to face the biggest neuroscience research challenges and to tend towards transversality between the molecular, systemic, behavioral and clinical levels.

Therefore, BRAIN was built on the diversity and complementary expertise of its partners and teams, in the following fields of application whose excellence is internationally recognized:

  • Super-resolution imaging
  • Neuron Cell biology
  • Physiology of neural networks
  • Human and animal behavior
  • Mechanisms of neurodegenerative and behavioral disorders

In order to connect basic research to societal issues, the transfer strategy developed within the LabEx BRAIN encourages the creation of new start-up based on BRAIN laboratories results.

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Last update: 11 July 2018