Rémi Kinet laureate of the “Mature Your PhD+” call

Congratulations to Rémi Kinet, winner of the “Mature ton PhD +” call for projects, sponsored by SATT Aquitaine and the University of Bordeaux, for his project called NOVEL. Rémi Kinet is a doctoral student in Erwan Bezard’s team, under the supervision of Benjamin Dehay.

He was presented with the prize on Friday 15 December 2023, during the Doctoral Ceremony.

His project

Neurodegenerative diseases represent some of the greatest challenges for basic science and clinical medicine because of their prevalence, cost, complex biochemistry and pathology, and lack of mechanism-based treatments. Genetic and neuropathological evidence indicates that a likely mechanism linking these diseases relates to a lysosomal impairment, making it a point of particular vulnerability. Additionally, a major challenge in therapeutic drug delivery so far lies in reaching the target neurons and impaired intracellular organelles. The development of nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems for drugs intended to treat brain diseases is a promising avenue because nanovectors offer the ability to carry drugs to sick cells, and the prolonged drug release profile possible with these systems permits longer action. The NOVEL project aims at developing dual-targeting nanosystem-based therapies for restoring lysosomal function and activity.

About the call

“Mature ton PhD” was originally a SATT Aquitaine scheme designed to help and support doctoral students and young PhDs in developing their work during and immediately after their thesis.

The University of Bordeaux wanted to strengthen this initiative by offering PhD students the opportunity to extend their contract by 3 months in order to work on the socio-economic impact and innovation potential of their thesis work, with the help of the SATT. Depending on the nature of the project, funding may also be provided for these additional weeks devoted to the development of the project.


Publication: 15/12/23
Last update 20/12/23