Quiz: “Who wants to be a neuroscientist?”

Amphi Centre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine
Monday 14 March / 18:00

Intended for master’s degree students (M1 and M2) and PhD students.

Welcome to Who wants to be a neuroscientist, a game based on neurosciences to test your general culture on the field, learn and most importantly… win! Your team’s knowledge is the key to succeed. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Then join us and play!

The game will consist of two parts. The first part will be composed of 10 questions for each team of 5 students. You will have to choose among 4 possible answers, and only one will be correct. You will be asked general questions about neuroscience with different levels of difficulty. Each correct answer will give your team 100 points (no negative points for wrong answers). Only the two teams with the highest scores will make it to the next part of the game!

On this last round you can lead your team to victory with your individual contribution. Each team will be asked questions for 2 minutes. The more you answer, the higher your score will be! Each member of the team will be asked individually. However, each time an incorrect answer is given, we will switch to another member of the team. Each correct answer will give you 100 points, but you will lose 50 points for each wrong answer.

Don’t worry, it’s not all about competition. You will certainly have fun and it will be a perfect opportunity to update your general culture in neuroscience! However, stay motivated since the winning team will receive a special price! Are you ready?

It is intended for master’s degree students (M1 and M2) and PhD students. Free entrance up to 30 participants. First come, first served.

If you arrived too late, you can still join us and watch the show.

Organized by:

  • Sara Carracedo, PhD student, Institut des maladies neurodégénérative
  • Juan Garcia-Ruiz, 2nd year Master Neuroscience, Neurocentre Magendie

Free admission subject to availability
Vaccine pass and mask are mandatory

Semaine du cerveauOrganized in the frame of the Brain Awaraness Week.

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Publication: 01/03/22
Last update 14/03/22