PhD seminar series – 2019 – 2020

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The Bordeaux Neurocampus monthly PhD seminars are open to everyone but mainly intended to PhD students from Bordeaux Neurocampus research teams. They are organized by the NBA and the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program.

This series of seminars is the mandatory disciplinary training part of the PhD Graduate program. The ten conferences address a variety of topics in order to gain transdisciplinary knowledge in neuroscience.

After the seminar, students can share some pizza with the speaker. Registration is mandatory, through a form sent to students.

Researchers who want to meet the invited speaker the day of the conference can contact the NBA.

2019 – 2020 Program

Laurent Bourdieu
Friday 6 September 2019 / 11:30
Fast 3D imaging of neuronal activity in visual cortex across multiple layers in awake mice

Arthur Leblois
Friday 11 October 2019 / 11:30
Exploration, motor variability and the basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical network: Lessons from songbirds

Deborah Kurrasch
Thursday 31 october 2019 / 11:30
The role of microglia in the developing hypothalamus

Olivier Thoumine
Friday 6 December 2019 / 11:30
Dynamics and synaptic function of the neurexin-neuroligin adhesion complex: from single molecule tracking to optogenetic manipulation

Barbara Webb
Friday 10 January 2020 / 11:30
Neural circuits for navigation in insects

Tara Spires Jones
Friday 7 February 2020 / 11:30
Unravelling the role of synapse degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease

Paul A.M. Smeets
Friday 6 March 2020 / 11:30
The healthy eater’s brain

Johannes Kohl
Friday 3 April 2020 / 11:30
Deconstructing instinctive behaviours

Gilles Fortin
Thursday 7 May 2020 / 11:30
Central control of breathing, dissection of functional modules

Christelle Baunez
Friday 5 June 2020 / 11:30
Subthalamic nucleus involvement in motivational and emotional processes positions it as a critical actor to modulate social behavior

Publication: 29/08/19
Last update 30/08/19