Laureates of the Bordeaux Neurocampus PhD call

Congratulations to the 8 laureates of the 2024 Bordeaux Neurocampus PhD call. They will be starting their PhD at fall.

Mathilde Reynes
From: Graduated from Université de Côte d’Azur – Master Modelling for Neuronal and Cognitive Systems
Now: Engineer in Wagner’s team
PhD supervisor: Fabien Wagner (IMN)
Thesis subject: Non-invasive neurostimulation for cognitive deficits in vascular brain disorders

Mathilde Tortochot
From: M2 Neuroscience – Bordeaux
Now: Intern in Frick’s team (Magendie)
PhD supervisor: Mario Carta (IINS)
Thesis subject: Cortical processing of gustatory information

Nicolas Boissart
From: M2 Neuroscience – Bordeaux
Now: Intern with Romuald Nargeot (INCIA)
PhD supervisor: Gwendal Le Masson (Magendie)
Thesis subject: Therapeutic potential of X protein specifically expressed in glial cells of transgenic mice models of SLA

Arthur Souto
From: Neurasmus Bordeaux/Coimbra
Now: Intern with Jérôme Baufreton (IMN)
PhD supervisor: Benjamin Dehay (IMN)
Thesis subject: Exploration of Nanovectors for Lysosomal-Targeted Therapeutic Approaches in the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders Associated with Lysosomal Dysfunction

Toshiko Sekijima
From: International joint Master in Agro-Biomedical science in Food and Health entre Universités de Tsukuba, de Taïwan et de Bordeaux
Now: Intern with Lucile Capuron (NutriNeuro)
PhD supervisor: Quentin Leyrolle (NutriNeuro)
Thesis subject: Translational exploration of the protective role of indoles targeting inflammation in psychiatric illnesses

Tatiana Dupak
From: M2 Neuroscience à Bordeaux
Now: Intern with Frédéric Lanore (IINS)
PhD supervisor: Frédéric Lanore (IINS)
Thesis subject: Study of the network and cellular mechanisms underlying working memory

Aliya Seelarbokus
Master Clinical and Public Health Nutrition, University College London
PhD supervisor: Sylvie Berthoz-Landron (INCIA)
Thesis subject: Characterizing addictive-like eating behaviors

Tatiana Charbonnier
Master student “Cellular and Integrated Neuroscience” Université de Côte d’Azur
Now: Intern in Groc’s team (IINS)
PhD supervisor: Anna Brachet (IINS)
Thesis subject: Deciphering dendritic spine and astrocytic mechanobiology during synaptic transmission and plasticity

Publication: 05/06/24
Last update 05/06/24