Igor Sibon and Sylvie Berthoz winners of the “Digital Medical Device” call for projects by BPI France / France 2030

Igor Sibon (PUPH, CHU) and Sylvie Berthoz (Researcher, Inserm), co-leaders of the EcoPsy team at Incia, have won the call “Evaluation of the medical and/or economic benefits of digital or artificial intelligence-based medical devices” by BPI France / France 2030. Congratulations to them!

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PSDM – Medical benefit of digital monitoring using apTeleCare for secondary prevention in patients with a recent transient ischemic attack or stroke

The main objective of this study is to assess the efficacy of the apTeleCare eHealth device, which uses daily ecological momentary assessment (EMA), in addition to treatment as usual (TAU) to significantly increase the 6-month post-stroke rate of smoking abstinence in a population with a recent Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or stroke.
This study will also enable a number of exploratory analyses to be carried out into the evolution of post-stroke addictive behaviours and their influence on the risk of neurovascular recurrence and post-stroke functional prognosis.

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Publication: 25/10/23
Last update 08/11/23