GPR BRAIN_2030 PhD extension grants

The jury, composed of the GPR BRAIN_2030 coordinators and co-coordinators, deliberated on Monday 27 June 2022.

The winners of the GPR BRAIN_2030 PhD extensions grants are, in alphabetical order:

BRAINE Anaëlle
Thesis title: Anatomical and functional characterization of amygdala-striatal circuits
Team: Baufreton – Georges (IMN)
Thesis supervisor: François Georges

DAGAR Snighda
Thesis title: Integrating implicit and explicit memory in a dynamical model of decision making
Team: Rougier (IMN)
Thesis supervisor: Frédéric Alexandre

Thesis title: 3D high content screening imaging of 3D cell cultures development using soSPIM
Team: Sibarita (IINS)
Thesis supervisor: Jean-Baptiste Sibarita

Thesis title: Astrocytic CB1 receptors in social transmission of stress
Team: Marsicano (Magendie)
Thesis supervisor: Giovanni Marsicano

Thesis title: Physiopathological regulation of excitatory and inhibitory ion channel organisation in autoimmune encephalitis
Team: Groc (IINS)
Thesis supervisor: Laurent Groc

LEON Stéphane
Thesis title: Single-cell molecular and functional mapping of POMC neurons in obesity: a multimodal approach
Team: Cota (Magendie)
Thesis supervisor: Carmelo Quarta

MARNEFFE Catherine
Thesis title: Presynaptic plasticity and memory encoding in hippocampals circuits
Equipe : Mulle (IINS)
Thesis supervisor: Christophe Mulle

Thesis title: Exploit or Explore? Neural circuits of learning in an uncertain environment
Team: Wolff (INCIA)
Thesis supervisor: Mathieu Wolff

Thesis title: The role of AMPA receptor surface mobility in short-term synaptic plasticity
Team: Choquet (IINS)
Thesis supervisor: Daniel Choquet

Thesis title: Implication of mesocorticolimbic dopamine transmission in goal directed behaviors : a role for dopaminergic and glutamatergic NMDA receptors heteromers ?
Team: Ferreira (NutriNeuro)
Thesis supervisor: Pierre Trifilieff

QUICI Federica
Thesis title: Nanoanatomical determinants of synaptic function of hippocampal neurons
Team: Nägerl (IINS)
Thesis supervisor: Valentin Nägerl

RAUX Pierre-Louis
Thesis title:  Physiological role of pregnenolone in the regulation of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor : Phenotypic study in CB1-E134G mutant mice
Team: Revest (Magendie)
Thesis supervisor: Monique Vallée


Julia Goncalves


Publication: 27/06/22
Last update 27/06/22