GPR BRAIN_2030 Day

The 1st edition of the GPR BRAIN_2030 Day will take place on Wednesday 13 April, in Haut-Carré or in Centre Broca.


Morning: Closed door roundtables (the groups are already defined) covering the four major challenges of the GPR BRAIN_2030:

  • Challenge 1: Develop new neurotechnologies to study and improve our understanding of the nervous system
  • Challenge 2: Improve our knowledge of the fundamental bases of brain function
  • Challenge 3: Decipher the biological basis of neurodegenerative and neurological diseases
  • Challenge 4: Deciphering the biological basis of mental illness

Lunch for the participants of the round tables

Afternoon: conferences open to all Bordeaux Neurocampus staff:

14:00 – 16:30:

  • Introduction by Jérôme Baufreton, Director of Bordeaux Neurocampus
  • Presentation of the GPR BRAIN_2030 by Daniel Choquet, GPR BRAIN_2030 coordinator
  • Presentations of the 7 sub-projects by their coordinators

16:45 – 17:45 : Restitution of the round tables: brainstorming that decompartmentalizes and builds bridges between the 4 challenges and the 7 sub-projects, reflection on the renewal of the GPR at the end of 2025

17h45 : Wine & Cheese


We invite you to register here to attend the afternoon conferences and the Wine & Cheese.
The number of registrations will determine if the conferences will be in the Broca amphitheatre or in the Haut-Carré amphitheatre in Talence.

Deadline to register: Friday April 1st.

We count on your participation to contribute to the success of this first edition, to make the GPR BRAIN_2030 shine in our community!


Julia Goncalves

Publication: 27/03/22
Last update 29/03/22