FENS Neurope

Discover FENS NEUROPE, the largest and most comprehensive online resource featuring neuroscience institutes, research centres, graduate programs, and Principal Investigators throughout Europe. This centralized platform offers versatile functionalities, enabling you to refine your search with filters such as domains, subdomains, and keywords.

What sets NEUROPE apart is its uniqueness – currently, there are no comparable resources in Europe. By bridging this information gap, NEUROPE becomes an invaluable tool for the neuroscience community, offering a centralised hub to explore the “Who, What, and Where” in neuroscience across the region.

Your active support is key to enhancing this online resource, making NEUROPE an even more robust platform. Join NEUROPE in establishing the foundation of a comprehensive, one-stop resource designed exclusively for the neuroscience community.

To be included in NEUROPE, you need to establish a user account on the FENS website. After completing this step, you can log in, update your profile, and perform other actions using either your user account credentials or, if you have one, your ORCID ID.

If you possess a valid ORCID iD, please make sure to use the email address linked to your ORCID account when creating your FENS user account on the FENS website.


Publication: 17/05/24
Last update 17/05/24