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Seminar – Robert Schmidt

15 September 2023 / 11:30

Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt

Venue : Centre Broca

Robert Schmidt
University of Sheffield, UK

Invited by Nicolas Mallet (IMN)


Transient Neural Oscillations in Cognitive Functions and Sensorimotor Processing


Neural oscillations are a key feature of brain activity and have been studied extensively in the context of cognitive functions and sensorimotor processing. However, recent studies have highlighted that oscillations in the brain are often transient in nature, consisting only of a few oscillation cycles, rather than being sustained throughout performing a cognitive task. Such transient oscillations have been observed in a variety of oscillation frequencies, including the theta, beta, and gamma bands, as well as in different cortical and subcortical brain regions for a range of cognitive tasks and species. In this talk I will provide an overview of recent developments in the analysis, computational modelling, and functional roles of transient neural oscillations. First, I will discuss how oscillatory signals (e.g. local field potentials or EEG recordings) can be analysed and modelled to determine whether the oscillation is rather transient or sustained. Next, I will discuss computational models for the generation of transient oscillations such as in the subthalamo-pallidal network of the basal ganglia. Finally, I will present some recent findings on the function of transient beta oscillations in humans during action-stopping.


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15 September 2023
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