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Seminar – Laura Palagini

18 November 2022 / 11:30

Venue: Centre Broca

Laura Palagini
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Department of Neuroscience
University of Ferrara, Italy

Twitter : @laurapalagini

Invited by Pierre Philip, Sanpsy


Insomnia and psychopathology of mental disorders


While sleep serves important regulatory functions for mental health, sleep disturbances, in particular Insomnia, may favor a state of allostatic overload impairing brain neuroplasticity, stress immune pathways hence contributing to mental disorders. In this framework, the aim of this talk is to discuss current understanding about insomnia mechanisms with current knowledge about mental health dysregulatory mechanisms. The focus of the present talk will be on mood, anxiety and psychotic disorders which represent important challenges in the clinical practice. Insomnia may play as a risk factor, a comorbid condition and transdiagnostic symptom for many mental disorders including mood/anxiety disorders and schizophrenia. Insomnia may play as a marker of disrupted neuroplasticity contributing to dysregulate different nurobiological mechanisms involved in these different mental conditions. In this framework, insomnia treatment may not only regulate sleep processes but also the stress system, neuroinflammation and brain plasticity.  Insomnia treatment may play and important preventive and neuroprotective role with CBT-Insomnia being the treatment with important new evidence of efficacy on insomnia, psychopathology and indices of disrupted neuroplasticity. Pharmacological pathways for insomnia treatment in these mental conditions are still not well defined. Indeed new therapeutic options acting on orexinergic and melatonergic systems may represents important pathways of interventions which may open new windows on insomnia treatment in mental disorders

Insomnia, mental health, anxiety, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, neuroplasticity, new therapeutic strategies for insomnia

Key publications

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18 November 2022
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