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Seminar – Keith Murai

Monday 16 September / 16:00

Venue: Centre Broca

Keith Murai
McGill university, Canada

Invited by Abel Eraso Pichot and Marta Mestroni (Magendie)


Astrocyte heterogeneity and nanoarchitecture in brain health and disease.


Astrocytes are important partners for neurons in the healthy brain and have active roles in the physiology and homeostasis of neural circuits. Astrocytes perform diverse functions through their rich structural and molecular properties. However, the cellular complexity of astrocytes and the mechanisms that generate differences among these cells remain poorly understood. This presentation will focus on studies aimed at understanding the remarkable anatomical and functional complexity of astrocytes in the healthy and injured/diseased brain. Results will be presented showing how neurons and astrocytes communicate in the brain, followed by recent findings aimed at quantitatively understanding the nanoscopic framework of astrocytes in healthy and diseased brain using advanced serial electron microscopy and computer vision techniques.


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Monday 16 September
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