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Seminar – Frank Meye

Friday 31 March / 11:30

Venue : Centre Broca

Frank Maye
Department of Translational Neuroscience – Brain Center – UMC Utrecht.

Invited by Pierre Trifilieff and Enrica Montalban (NutriNeuro)


The neurobiological mechanisms of stress effects on food choices.

Key publications

  • Linders, L. E., Patrikiou, L., Soiza-Reilly, M., Schut, E. H. S., Van Schaffelaar, B. F., Böger, L., Wolterink-Donselaar, I. G., Luijendijk, M. C. M., Adan, R. A. H. & Meye, F. J. (2022).
    Stress-driven potentiation of lateral hypothalamic synapses onto ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons causes increased consumption of palatable food.
    Nature Communications. 13(1):6898. doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-34625-7.
  • Linders, L. E#., Supiot, L. F#., Du, W., D’Angelo, R., Adan, R. A. H., Riga, D.*, & Meye, F. J.* (2022).
    Studying synaptic connectivity and strength with optogenetics and patch-clamp electrophysiology.
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 23(19):11612. doi: 10.3390/ijms231911612.
  • Meye, F. J., Soiza-Reilly, M., Smit, T., Diana, M. A., Schwarz, M. K. & Mameli, M. (2016).
    Shifted pallidal co-release of GABA and glutamate in habenula drives cocaine withdrawal and relapse.
    Nature Neuroscience, 19(8):1019-24.


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Friday 31 March
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