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Seminar – Banafshe Larijani

10 October 2022 / 14:00

Venue: Centre Broca

Banafshe Larijani
Banafshe Larijani

Banafshe Larijani
Director of The Centre for Therapeutic Innovation- University of Bath, United Kingdom

Invited by Marc Landry (IMN)


Quantitative Immune Surveyance: a path to precision therapeutics


I will be presenting how we have employed, in an interdisciplinary arena, quantitative molecular biology to investigate in situ molecular mechanisms in the PI 3Kinase pathway. These studies led to applying our molecular imaging methods in clinical environments. We have addressed pertinent questions regarding the exploitation of functional proteomics, as opposed to expressional proteomics in diagnostics and prognostics of various types of cancers. The implementation of this type of quantitative imaging, in deciphering mechanisms involved in signalling pathways in pain will be discussed.


Banafshé Larijani is the Director of the Centre for Therapeutics Innovation (CTI) at the University of Bath. CTI is an Internationally faced research and innovation Centre with the mission to transform innovation, arising from cross-disciplinary research to quantitative diagnostics & medicines-design, leading to precision medicine.

Her laboratory, Cell Biophysics, since 2002 in the UK and Spain has been the core of an international network that spans from the physical sciences, engineering, life sciences to translational science.

Professor Larijani’s laboratory is a cutting-edge cross-disciplinary platform, that has drawn upon the physical sciences to develop novel avenues for investigation of biological processes in signalling pathways. Her laboratory has led to paving a unique path by investigating the role of phosphoinositides and their metabolites, both as second messengers and as modulators of membrane morphology, exploiting both marine and mammalian models. The outcomes of her fundamental research, involving the application of quantitative imaging (FRET-FLIM) for investigating molecular mechanisms and dynamics of phosphoinositide-modifying and phosphoinositide-dependant enzymes have resulted in their application to various clinical objectives.

While in the Basque Country (2014-2018), Spain, the cancer diagnostic/prognostic company, she co-founded and directed (until 2018), FASTBASE SOLUTIONS S.L., won European and French Awards for best “predictive cancer diagnostic test”.

Selected references

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10 October 2022
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